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Re: Brand-New q Won't Start!

NEVER, I repeat NEVER two a Quattro without getting both wheels off the
ground.  That means either a flat bed (preferred) or a set of dolly wheels
on one end and the other end in the air.  I know to many people that own
full time four wheel drives that have royaly screwed them up by towing them
with one set turning.  This is not only true for Q's but others like the
Jeeps, and Talons, Eclipses, etc..


BTW:  Long time back a friend told me of a guy who had his Talon towed the
wrong way, ended up totaling the car (at towing companies expense) becuase
of the terrible damage done to it.   
From: Wallace White <whitew@leland.Stanford.EDU>
To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
Subject: Re:Brand-New q Won't Start!
Date: Wed, Jun 03, 1998, 02:18

If for some strange reason you have to get an independent tow truck to get
you, check your manual. Mine says that because of the quattro it can only
be towed in specific ways, one of the ways is a flatbed, I can't recall
the other. 

Did I do good?

The Bentley says that you're okay as long as you lift the front wheels;
you don't need a flatbed. But I have no personal experience.

- Wallace
  seeking 5kcstq, Bay Area