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Re: Brand-New q Won't Start!

Why does the owners manual says it is ok? <30 <30?

R. Shayne Pavlic' wrote:

> NEVER, I repeat NEVER two a Quattro without getting both wheels off the
> ground.  That means either a flat bed (preferred) or a set of dolly wheels
> on one end and the other end in the air.  I know to many people that own
> full time four wheel drives that have royaly screwed them up by towing them
> with one set turning.  This is not only true for Q's but others like the
> Jeeps, and Talons, Eclipses, etc..
> Shayne
> BTW:  Long time back a friend told me of a guy who had his Talon towed the
> wrong way, ended up totaling the car (at towing companies expense) becuase
> of the terrible damage done to it.
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> From: Wallace White <whitew@leland.Stanford.EDU>
> To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject: Re:Brand-New q Won't Start!
> Date: Wed, Jun 03, 1998, 02:18
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> If for some strange reason you have to get an independent tow truck to get
> you, check your manual. Mine says that because of the quattro it can only
> be towed in specific ways, one of the ways is a flatbed, I can't recall
> the other.
> Did I do good?
> Dee
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> The Bentley says that you're okay as long as you lift the front wheels;
> you don't need a flatbed. But I have no personal experience.
> - Wallace
>   seeking 5kcstq, Bay Area