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Re: Headliner.

HAd the same thing happen a while back.  The only thing I could do to get it
to stop was to remove the head liner completely (take the board out of the
car too).  I then cleaned the board ordered new material (paid about $30). 
Got a can can of the trim adhesive (having a pro with a glue spray gun lasts
longer though, however after nearly a year mine is still up there) and
followed the directions to the letter.  Total cost about $38.  Total time,
about 2 hrs.  If you were to have a shop do it, I got an estimate of about

From: "David L. Cooper" <d.cooper@ix.netcom.com>
To: Audi Quattro <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
Subject: Headliner.
Date: Wed, Jun 03, 1998, 03:46

My mother's 1987 5K headliner is falling off from the rear. There are
orange bits all over the place!
My brother in law gave her 3M Super Trim Adheasive 08090 but it did not

87 cstq 178,000 Mi.