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Re: 5ktqw-which shocks?

I just priced some Bilstein Sports for a CQ and they were $97 ea. for the
fronts @ http://www.shox.com, $114 for rears (???)

That's only $28 more that the ProGas price I got @ Blau...

It'd say it's worth it.

Just my $.02 worth


On Wed, 3 Jun 1998, Douglas Hurst Quebbeman wrote:

> > I'm getting this combo all the way around for $260 plus tax. Boge Turbo up
> > front, Boge Something Similiar in the rear. Half the cost of Bilsteins and
> > more in my affordability range. 
> > 
> > Contact: Adam at Autobahn Performance Group. Tell him I sent you cause he
> > may have been giving me a huge discount. I'm not affiliated, but I am a
> > happy customer as well. Definately enthusiast guys. Adam just bought a 89
> > 200q. Another of the guys has a identical 89 200q that I wrote about a few
> > weeks ago. It was the Atlanta area car with many mods that he got for a
> > song. 
> Urg. Kinda wish I'd posted before I bought, although I might
> not have gotten quite as good a price by buying only the fronts,
> as I did (the rears seem OK).
> BTW, on a separate but related note, tell Bll Banks I really appreciate what 
> he's doing for us!
> -doug q
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