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RE: identification of this red audi: MA 6610 CK ?

>Actually, the V8 does have the grill incorporated into the hood, look at
>the picture on Christer Sjodin's page:
>http://home.bip.net/christer.sjodin/Bilder/V8-MOTORRUM.jpg All post-91
>Audis do have this feature, not only S cars.
Hmm.  I think I assumed that he knew it wasn't an A6; and A4 looks nothing
like the type 44.  I can't remember my actual thought process; it was late
in the evening :)

That's a pretty snazzy picture; what year is it/how does one tell between
the different years?

I remember seeing in the back roads of Concord several times(almost every
day) a  white Audi with wipers and a very fat, body-colored front bumper.
I guess that was a V8?  From memory though, it didn't look anything like a
type 44.


Brett Dikeman
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