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Da Brakes

It's funny how the people that keep defending the stock (a.k.a. suck)
brakes on our Audis do not even own/drive/use our brakes.  Kinda like a
millionaire saying that poverty is not a problem.  Common brake knowledge
shows that size really does matter.  If it didn't you would not see crotch
rockets running around with DUAL 10-12" rotors w/Brembo calipers on the
front of the bike.  As far as Audi's. . .my civic cpe will hae much better
brake feel after a session on the twistys than my 100Q.  Sure you say, "the
Honda weighs less".  All the more reason the Audi should have better
designed brakes.  H*ll, the front rotors are nearly identical in size and
the Honda has drum rears.  Explain that.  

Keep the evaluation of S2, RS2, to yourself. . .h*ll we already know they
have good brakes. . .we're just trying to play catchup on the other side of
the pond.  :)

(Wondering if the local speed racer will notice his brakes missing off his
Suzuki GSR)