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Re: do i have to get a bigger rollbar if i get the 2Bennett setup?

Luis Marques decided to speak these words:

>Stiff springs will help a lot in controlling body roll and maintaining an
>optimum contact patch, but weight transfer is still a function of how high 
>center of gravity is and how fast you are turning (and how wide is the car). 
>The only way to improve the situation here is to lower the center of 
>That said, a car at stock ride height with a properly tuned suspension that
>maintains an optimum contact patch will run circles around a lowered car 
>with a
>screwed-up suspension that doesn't.

Which brings up my situation.  Im installing the 2b coilover setup and i 
have to decide what height i want to run.  I think i have decided to just 
run stock ride height as lowering it has so many negative effects and so 
few positive ones.  with 325lb springs up front and 275 lb ones in the 
rear, my car wont be rolling much anyway, so i think that in my 
situation, stock is the best compromise.  What do you guys think?


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