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Re: (towing procedures)

gary sez:
>The last time this topic had come up, it sparked a conversation between
>myself and the webmaster for the NWR Quattro Club as he has been working
>as a tow driver (since moved to semi-truck towing) for almost four years
>If you care to see the take on Q-towing from a quattro-owning tow truck
>driver's point of view, check out Nick's document at:
>Any questions or comments can be send to him directly at
>nkennedy@teleport.com as he isn't normally subscribed to the Q-list.

included on the above mentioned page is the following suggestion:
>To keep the center diff from turning, one must either disconnect the
>longitudinal (front-rear) driveshaft from the rear diff, or
>disconnect the C-V axles from the rear hubs (pull the splined axle out of the
>hub, don't just loosen the nut).

my understanding is that the wheel bearings will be destroyed of they
are rolled without the spline in the hub.


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