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Audi 1997 annual report

Some factoids from the English-language version of Audi's recently
released 1997 annual report (with fotos of the lovely new A6 Avant
gracing front and back covers):

-- Production totalled 557,777 cars, up 13.5 percent, and 763,928
engines, up 23.1 percent.

-- Car sales totalled 546,436, up 11.1 percent, shattering the 500,000
barrier for the first time.  Of that number, 462,070 cars were sold in
Western Europe, up 10.8 percent, and 238,735 in Germany proper, up 9.6
despite the stagnant market there.  Some 84,366 cars were sold outside
Western Europe, up 12.2 percent.  U.S. sales totalled 34,160, up 24.8
percent.  (Audi expects to sell in excess of 40,000 cars stateside this
year because of the year-long availability of the new A6 saloon, launch
of the A6 Avant and year-end availability of the TT coupe.)

-- At Ingolstadt, 411,433 cars were made, up from 370,293 in 1996.  Some
283,250 were A4s; 128,183 were A3s.

-- At Neckarsulm, 146,246 cars were made, up from 121,208 in 1996.  Some
89,292 were A6s; 15,507 were A8s, 8,657 were Cabriolets.

-- An additional 5,497 cars were made as SKD (semi knocked down) or CKD
(completely knocked down) units for production partners overseas.

-- The share of quattro models rose to 14.6 percent from 13.8 percent. 
Some 31.1 percent of all cars were TDI models.

-- Finally, Audi dealerships opened for the first time in Mexico,
Venezuela, Indonesia and Kazakhstan.

Shaun Mullen
West Grove, PA