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Re: A puzzler!

I believe there is a small clip in the center of the bottom of the
It may take a little doing to pull that loose.

I've never had much trouble getting them out but it sounds like you're 
doing everything right.

good luck.

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On Wed, 3 Jun 1998 10:25:18 -0700 "Ken Keith"
<Ken.Keith@SpecialDevices.com> writes:
>kavanagh@kodak.com (David Kavanagh staff) wrote:
>> OK, I'm know I'm not that stupid, but could someone please explain 
>to me
>> why I can't get my freakin instrument cluster out! I have an '87
>> 5000CSTQ. Bently says, pull steering wheel, combo switch, remove two
>> screws and simple remove the cluster. Well, let me tell you.... I 
>> and tugged. I got it to move (previously, it was stuck with some 
>kind of
>> adhesive). It seemed to be hung up in the upper middle. I couldn't 
>get my
>> hand up behind it to unplug anything. It was hard enough seeing 
>> there (even with my 150W halogen drop light)! What was supposed to 
>take 1
>> hour start to finish took 1.5 hours and I didn't even accomplish 
>what I
>> wanted to! So, what is the trick? 
>You're probably not tugging hard enough to yank the speedo cable out 
>the tranny.
>Seriously, are the speedo's cable operated on these cars?  Or 
>If cable, then I would definitely look into that.  If electronic, I've 
>just exposed my 5k ignorance!

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