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Subject: Re: Valentine 1

William Elliott <William.Elliott@mail.mei.com> wrote:

On laser?  I'm sure it is as great as Automobile claims (perfect score),
but my real-life experience:  every time it's gone off it would have
been too late (had I been speeding at the time.)  I think it would have
to be a very unusual circumstance for this feature to actually save you.
Igor Kessel replied:
Some of the physicists on this List have been saying this all along,
while stubbornly refusing to upgrade their V1 to a laser unit.

And I add: 
I lived in Michigan for a while, just north of Detroit.  I got my V1 upgraded
to laser (along with other upgrades) after learning that local cruisers were
using it.  One of the advantages to having it is learning that it is being
used:  you do occasionally get "scatter" picked up, and can locate the cops.
Sometimes they also just keep it on, scanning traffic.  If you get hit (or
pick up the scatter) and don't get a ticket, you still learn valuable info.  I
found a couple hiding spots and regular places for speed traps that way.
Without the laser, I would never have any idea that a cop was about at all.
Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com
'91 200q