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Our very own Dee strikes again!

Looks like this thread has taken on some life - hey, it sure beats flames
about t*r**ns, which no one is going to run out and buy or immediately remove!

Jean DeVour asks a question and makes a surmise: 

>I'm wondering if anyone has used that GS-29 stuff I've seen advertised
>on late night TV.  Supposedly it will repair/cover/hide paint chips and
>scratches.   Does this goop really work?

I'd like to know that, too.


>I doubt there is a nail polish to match Cactus green.

Then, Kirby Smith quotes the original post and also surmises as follows:

>	Subject:	Re:  Our very own Dee strikes again!
>	Mike Arman <armanmik@n-jcenter.com> wrote:
>	>PS - went to local "Sally" beauty supply store and said:
>	>"I need some nail polish (clerk's eyebrows rise)  . . . to
>match that
>	>(point to Audi parked outside)."
>	>Customer: "Does that work?" (referring to using nail polish to
>touch up
>	>paint nicks)
>	>Me: "Perfectly. A lady on the internet tipped me about it."
>	Too bad Stone Gray is not popular.  :-)

Kirby - my car is a metallic, stone gray, and I found an almost perfect
match in the nail polish rack. Jean - Cactus green shouldn't be too hard to
match either! Heck - you should SEE some of the colors teenagers evidently
paint their fingernails! Certainly worth a ride to the local professional
beauty supply store nearest you. Cost me two whole dollars and eleven cents
tax. Least expensive thing I've ever bought for my Audi.

It's worth it to see the expression on the clerk's face alone. Keep us
smiling, Dee!

Do we need a database of brands of nail polish matching various year/model
Audi colors? Or does it sound like maybe I have seriously too much time on
my hands? <G>

Best Regards,

Mike Arman