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Re: audi bose replacement

At 11:36 AM 6/4/98 -0400, Sounder99@aol.com wrote:
>I have tried to search the archives to look at previos discussions regarding
>replacement of the audi bose stereo, but have successfull.  I would like to
>put a cd player head unit in my car while still taking advantage of the stock
>amped speakers.  I know this has been discussed before, but the guy at the
>stereo store says I will need about a $900 amp and deck to recreate the sound
>I get with the stock system.  All speakers would also have to be rewired to
>bypass the existiing amped system.

Wrong...  He's wasting your money call CrutchField at 1-800-955-3000 and
they will sell you an adapter for the factory wiring that costs $38.00 i've
done it before....

Levent Cur
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