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Re: Next Mod for my 200Q?j

>To improve performance in my TAP-modified 1990 Quattro , I can try the
>following (I think in order of price):
>        * Advance the cam timing approx one tooth       
>        * Install a 3" downpipe to help turbo spin up faster
>        * Install a less restrictive exhaust system
>        * Install a K24 turbo charger

Your car came from the factory with a K24 turbo ... unless you're talking
about a modified K24, you probably meant a K26 from an earlier car, which is
designed to produce more top-end and less low/midrange power.  You might
also consider an RS2 turbo or one of the fancy-schmancy hybrids that are
floating around... 

>What I notice right away is that no one suggested more boost. When I
>installed the WG Spring, boost peaked at 14.5lbs. TAP suggested no more than
>that. However, I was told that the spring will fatique, and that I should
>monitor boost with an analog gauge. This brings up two questions:
>        * Can I simply increase boost a bit more? I notice that Igor
>          has 18lbs. That should be significant.

Unless you've modified the intercooler and/or are willing to run octane
booster, I wouldn't recommend running any more than 13-14 psi on the late
(8.4:1 CR) MC motors.  Frankly, beyond that point, you're making heat and
very little additional power ... btdt (and am now running only 13psi despite
having a mister system installed to cool the intercooler and a couple of
other minor tweaks).

>        * Where is a good place to mount a boost gauge, and do I
>          simply connect it with a T to the hose going into the ECU?

I mounted a mini-VDO gauge in place of the cigarette lighter ...
unfortunately, it's not lighted but it looks very much OEM during the day.
Easy enough to see, too, especially since I used one with a 15 psi upper
limit instead of 30 psi.  I ran a separate line for my gauge directly from
the engine compartment but I don't think you'll have any problems inserting
a T connector at the ECU...

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