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Re: Audi 90S wont go over 60 MPH

At 11:11 AM -0400 6/4/98, Robert Myers wrote:
>$3,600 is **OBSCENE**.  Your mechanic seems to think he has discovered the
>Philosopher's Stone (the magical device which will turn base metal into Gold).
>Assuming that a plugged catalytic converter is actually your problem, a
>generic cat is available from JCWhitney in four sizes, 2", 2.25", 2.5", and
>3" all for under $100 each.  Surely one of these can be made to fit and
>used instead of the diamond studded one your mechanic is quoting to you.

You could also get a better cat from http://www.randomtechnology.com.
Chick Wells on the 20v list price one for a CQ and it was $174, if I
remember correctly...

For ~$700 to $800, you can also get a full stainless steel exhaust from
places like B&B, Scorpion, SuperSprint, et al.

Hope this helps.

'90 CQ