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Re: Audi 90s won`t go

As a shop owner, I see problems like this all the time. You need to have
a simple back pressure test done on the exhaust system. Any good general
service shop can perform this test. If you own a vacuum/pressure gauge
like the ones used forever in tuneup/diagnosis work, and have a CO test
point on the engine ( it has a light blue rubbery sort of cap on it),
you can check it yourself. The back pressure shouldnt be much over 1/2
psi, and shouldn`t go up much when you rev and hold it. I hope thisn`t
out of line, but for general list information, I offer a nice selection
of very well made converters for Audis (and other European cars) that
fit in place of the OE units and use the same mountings. The ones that
are part of the downpipe come complete, and some are exchange, because
my supplier needs the flanges & bends. These FIT! In terms of Midas, and
independent cheapies, they aren`t cheap, but they`re way cheaper than
OE. The PO of my 90 90 Q 20v had a Midas installed, and he paid about
$230.00 for one which was a quarter inch too small in diameter and
looked like my 2 yr old grand daughter welded it in. We could have done
the replacement for  about 300.00, and it would have fit well, looked
right, and been the right size. I guess the profit on Midas` $50.00
investment went into advertizing that they are the cheapest in town.
And, a year later when I bought the car, Midas charged us $35 to replace
the converter under warranty . At least I got them to put on one of the
correct diameter. The local Midas owner proudly tooted his horn about
what a nice job his guy did, but it still looks like chicken droppings,
and, 30 days later, it`s leaking through the welds. You pays your money
and................John Larson <jdlarson@ix.netcom.com>