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Re: 85-87 4000q/coupe ?

> > Does anyone have the lower radiator shroud (crapy cardboard piece) from
> > a 2.2 85-87 4000q or coupe they want to sell "cheap"?
> Yeah, or a BTDT homemade alternative?  I haven't had one for years, er,
> ever.

I bought a full set except the top one a few years ago, cost about $150
I think.  Kicked myself later, lightly - I think the later model cars
use plastic instead of cardboard, judging by the top panels I have -
having that lower one in sure makes tensioning the alternator a pain!

Never really though of building something, why?  I bet some plastic in
the right thickness and stiffness could be cut and folded to fit pretty

Huw Powell