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Re: Audi 90s wont go over 60 MPH

> One mechanic says it needs a new trans., but another mechanic says
> it sounds like a catalytic converter problem......neither have really looked
> at the car.  The second mechanic says a new catalytic converter and exhaust
> system will cure the problem...$3600.....blah. I need any advice you can
> offer. Thanks in advance.

I had my cat replaced on my '90 90 about 9 months ago.  It behaved a lot like
what you are describing. I actually thought the autobox was going when i took
it to the shop....it would not go, act like it was "slipping".  But, after a
cat was installed for $425, it ran great.  Now my question is why does he want
to replace your whole exaust system.  IF all else fails, you can get a
scorpion sport exhaust for your car for $800, but even that is outrageously
priced.  Most mom & pop muffler shops will custom make you an exhaust system
that will cost even less.  Go with a lower restriction after market cat (more
hp), and a lower restriction exhaust (more hp) and you will come out of this
with a 140hp 90.

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