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Re: cam upgrade for 85' 4ksq

I would not do the exhaust unless yours is ready for replacement anyway.
Unlike the Coupe GT, the 4K quattro has the best exhaust system Audi put on
a normally aspirated motor.  This exhaust is worth 5 hp over the Coupe GT. 

I use the Schrick 272 cam in my 4kq. with the factory exhaust in place the
car picked up about 10-12 hp at the top end. You won't notice the
improvement though unless you push the motor to the 4000- 6000 rpm range.
Below 3000 rpm there will be slightly less power. Remember a cam doesn't
make horsepower, it is a tool for adjusting the torque curve of a motor to
your driving style and needs.  

> From: Cory Meyer <cmeyer@jumpgate.net>
> To: quattro-digest <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
> Subject: cam upgrade for 85' 4ksq
> Date: Wednesday, June 03, 1998 10:20 PM
> I am planning on upgrading my cam in my all stock 4ksq.  Since $500 seems
> little high I am trying to find a cam out of a 5cyl turbo.  I have heard
> that this works.  The hp gain is only about 10 - 15.  Will my hp gain be
> affected with a new cam since I have not yet put the larger exhaust on it
> yet?  Is there anyone else who has tried this sort of thing?  Anything I
> should really watch out for?
> Cory Meyer
> cmeyer@jumpgate.net
> 85' 4ksq