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Re: audi bose replacement

Why replace the whole control unit and loose the ability for tapes? I have
installed a ton of Sony 10 disk units (including one in an 85'5k and one in a
90(?) 200). They run through the antenna and are really easy to install. 

There is a control unit that comes with them and the 10 disk unit sits in the
trunk. This is a lot cheaper (and easier) than replacing the head unit and
having to add amps to drive the speakers. You can get them from New York photo
places (listed in the back of Car and Driver) for less than $220 and have it
installed in less than an hour. My own 8 year old model is still working great
and has been changed into three cars with three different radios while my
brother's Pioneer blewup after two years, so check out the Sony.

James Carolan