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Re: 85-87 4000q/coupe ?

The last shrouds that I bought from AUDI were a black fiberglass
impregnated material.They were for the urQ so the bottom ones that
attach to the front spoiler are for the turbo cars and have a scoop for
the right side.The one on the engine side of the radiator is a heavy
black PVC type material.It is shipped flat but has score marks where it
is to be bent on installation.I haven't replaced the one on the fender
side,that ones cardboard but it's still good.The cover that fits the 
space in front of the radiator (top)is also PVC type.The new type were
shipped to me from Audi (Clair?) when I ordered them for the car,I
request plastic.I guess they are a superceed type deal.
I saw a TQC at Lime Rock that had the top cover made of carbon fibre.
Don't know where he got it.I think it was on the Palumbo Bros.car.