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RE:Cam Advancing - the Full Monty

I too have gone both ways (only in relation to my camshaft) - one tooth
retard and one tooth advance.  The advance does give a little better low
end response but it definitely takes away from the top end.  It kind of
mellows out the top end turbo hit especially at the 1.8 bar that I am

The one tooth retard make it a real dog on the low end but it pulls like
a freight train at the top end - kind of fun especially if you are
running 1.8bar but not real practical for day to day driving.

I currently have it a stock timing. I am willing to give up a little low
end to get that top end turbo punch in the back.  The 5000ft altitude I
am at probably mellows things across the board so I need all the help I
can get to get that turbo punch.

87 5KCSTQ (stock cam w/1.8bar punch in the back)
Littleton, CO