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Speeding and Detectors (no Q content)

<<A word to the wise, vigilance is still the best way to avoid speeding
tickets.  In fact, I gave up on radar detectors a couple of years ago.
Haven't had a speeding ticket since.>>

I don't think this point can be stressed enough.  I, too, gave up
detectors for several years, finding they lulled me into a false
sense of security.  Then I got popped from a well-hidden radar
trap on I95 in VA... unusual since VA troopers are usually very
unsophisticated in radar use.  Even a cheap (but illegal in VA!)
detector would have saved me... vigilance would not have. 
Only ticket  I've ever been "convicted" of! (Fighting DOES work!)

So, I bought the V-1... BUT, I use it only as a backup to careful
driving.  There are  many times I've been overtaken by
(or worse, have almost overtaken) unmarked cars _without_
a bubblegum machine. (10-4 good buddy?)

As to outbraking radar or successfully detecting laser
in enough time, I still maintain it's rare that you'll be
successful.  You have to hope to pick up scatter from
other targets ahead... a real long shot with laser IMHO. 

Best rule of thumb: if alone on the highway... 
don't speed excessively.

Drive smart! Lots of good books on the subject.

Bill Elliott
Lake Mills, WI