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Re: 85-87 4000q/coupe ?

You should check the rubber mounts that attache the lower (pass) side to
the oil cooler.One of them usually breaks when you try to remove them.
fred smith wrote:
> Actually a relative of mine worked at Clair at the time and I ordered
> the parts through him,employee discount. At any rate:
> pass side lower         857-121-341
> drivers side lower      857-121-329B
> motor side              857-121-282F
> top                     811-121-293
> Note: the dr.side lower has been changed to include the bottom half of
> the duct that goes between the rad & the block.857-121-282F is the top
> half of this side.
> My fiche does'nt list the duct between the fender and the radiator.
> Smitty