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Re: radiator shroud (was 85-87 4000q/coupe)

Tempered masonite is cheap and easy to work with, but it will
eventually begin to sag and deterioriate.  You can buy plastic
in sheets or make a pattern out of cardboard and have a sheet
metal shop fabricate the panels fairly reasonably.  The upper
panel on my 4ksq looks pretty shabby and the bottom one is
long gone.  I will probably have some made at a sheet metal
shop but getting paint to stick to galvanized metal may be a

> I just got a price from the dealer for the bottom piece, $77 or so.  It
> even says in the fiche that it's cardboard.
> I think I'm going to fabricate my own out of something a little more
> durable.  Anyone have any suggestions for material or sources?
> I know there's masonite, but how about some kind of plastic or vinyl
> sheeting?
> Thanks,
> Ken (I still have the little metal bracket that used to be attached to the
> carboard "air duct")