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RE: Valentine 1

	On my 90q I have an extra button thats not in use, I always
thought of 
	installing a kill switch for the rear brake lights that you turn
on and off at 
	will. and as a remainder that you switched your brake lights
off, hook the 
	switch  to one of the lights in the dask board next  to the
light for the 
	anti- lock off so you wont forget to put the lights back on when
you exit the
	highway. save both brakes and wear on clutch. I was thinking of
it, but 
	don't know how involved it is to hook that up. But I agree with
Mr. Kessel
	cause thats what I do too.

> My practice is to [...] generally use the handbrake to slow down (no
> tell-tail tail-lights!) in a more relaxed manner.
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> Very dangerous to do it at speed in traffic. A spin-off may result.
> That's what rally drivers use for those rooster-tail hairpin U-turns.
> I myself do it in snow or ice for U-turning the car in a narrow
> street.
> If you want to slow down the car without the cop seeing your brake
> lights, why don't you double-declutch and downshift two gears? Works
> very well for me.