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Hi sweetie:
My big brakes arrive next week and I face the reality of needing 17"
Do you think that your bud at Ronal might be interested in "sponsoring"
this project?
What is his name and number?

I got the photos back from the Taos trip. Great shot of the wagon in
front of the Taos pueblo. I'll send it on to you. I want to live in the
boonies (part time). I am convinced I need a pressure relief valve. I
also have become convinced that Starbucks is a US government conspiracy
to keep the economy moving fast (joke).

Last night was cool but a little disappointing. No A6 Avant. They are
not in the country yet. So we had a fancy hoopla, broadway stage
singers, dancing dogs,
cats that talk, ponies that shake hands, but no avant. Hmmm..... Slow
boat to LA?
Oh well..

Hugs, and kisses,