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Re: Where did your bentley Urq manual com from ?

I have this manual and it says on the cover that its for 84 thru 87 4000,cpe,
quattro and and quattro turbo, but wouldn't an 83 be different from an 84? Or
maybe not.
I order it from my local foreign parts store and I think Audi/vw manuals also
has them at least for the US . 800-544-8021

While I was writing this I called that 800 number and they do have the manual
for the 83 It IS different from the ISBN 0-8376-0373-0. That is the Bently
number for the 84-87 book. Audis order number for the 84-87 is LPV 800 424
Call that 800 number and order under Audi's order # which is LPV 800 422.
US$59.95 plus shipping

Dave Flagg
So Burlington, VT\802-658-2277