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RE: headlight suggestion

This is common knowledge for many.  Any vehicle using the DOT spec 4"x6"
quad, the 5"x7" dual or the various round sealed beam lights would do
themselves well by upgrading to Hella or similar euro-spec H4 and/or H1

Be advise to shop around before purchasing.  You can find the 4"x6" units
for as cheap as $36 apiece with the 55w H4 or a 55/65w H1.  If you plan to
upgrade the bulbs to 80w or 100w H4's and 80/100w or 100/130w H1's, you can
often get then 4"x6" units, without the bulbs for $30.  I spent $120 for my
four lights, $12 for 80w H4 bulbs, $16 for 80/100w H1 bulbs and probably $15
to built a custom relay harness.  A total of ~$163 and a couple hours of
time to do the swap.  I got might lights from Rapid Parts in NY, and my
bulbs and wiring from a local automotive chain (VIP, ala Pep Boys etc).
For relays I used spare Bosch (stock Audi) relays that I had kicking around.
An easy find in any junk yard...  though the Hella relays with the integral
fuses are nice.

Just another data point.

YMMV, and I have no connection with the suppliers mentioned, aside from
being a happy customer.

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>      This may have come up previously, but I may have an item of interest
>      to those on the list that own an early 80's 5000, 4000, Coupe or Ur-Q
>      with four front headlights.  Yesterday I received and installed a set
>      of Hella European replacement 4" x 6" headlights (non-sealed beam).
> I
>      bougt these from New Dimensions (www.newdimensions.com), cost was
>      $41.99 each.  The headlights physically are an incredible improvement
>      over DOT approved sealed beam units, with metal reflectors (instead
> of
>      coated glass) and lead crystal lenses.  The bulbs are removable as in
>      the aero lights- standard H1 and H4 units at 55 watts and 55/65
> watts,
>      respectively.  These are NOT DOT approved for street use, of course-
>      they are too well designed.  Installation is a breeze- remove old
>      units, replace new ones.  Hella supplies an wiring adapter to use on
>      the low beams due to different pinouts.
>      The beam pattern on low is amazing- a sharply defined upper and left
>      cutoff and a 'splash' to the right. |---/  Makes an enormous
>      difference- now my lowbeams look like the old highbeams.  Driving
>      around town I can now tell that my lights are on!  The new highs are
>      amazing as well- now I am seeing as far ahead as I need to be at
>      highway speed.  This is definately a safety improvement, and one of
>      the best mods I have done to my '83 5kT in six years of ownership.
>      I do plan on doing the relay thing this weekend to maximize the
>      voltage to the lights.
>      I should be able to get some pictures soon of the lights and the
>      installation if anyone is interested.
>      Charley DePenning
>      '83 5kT
>      '84 GTI For Sale
>      '73 C10