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Re: Wanted: oil pan upgrade for I5???

> The answer, as you
> mentioned, is a bit of custom work. I was only trying to cover the
> time it would take to clean, fabricate, pack and ship an oil pan.  It
> would seem that a few took offense at this and I subsequently dropped
> the project.
> Alex Neckas
> Onan Shipping, Ltd. Seattle

There are too many DIYer's on this list, cleaning, fabrication, and
painting are all readily available local services, I think that goes
against you.  Not personally I mean, but against the concept.  Also I
think you guessed it would be something like $300 each?  If I knew what
the baffles should be set up like, I could do it through buddies
(welder, powder coater...) for $25 or something for myself.  If you
could get it done (maybe not painted) for like $100 or so I think you
would have a winner.  Cleaning - sand blasting is cheap. Fabrication -
depends on what you are doing, obviously.  A couple simple pieces of
sheet metal is one thing, bent pieces with holes that are awkward may be
another.  (Powder coating an oil pan is probably about $25-50) Spray
paint works just fine though.  Packing and shipping - you'd have the
senders box and internal padding, and UPS would run $5-10 depending on

We'd love some more input from you, but I think we also want you to give
away your "secrets" for free! 

PS I don't know what my engine code is, but it's a 2144 in an 82 coupe

Huw Powell