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was: basic info on '90 V8 Q NOW: How many V8 5 spds?

At 11:40 AM 6/5/98 +0000, you wrote:
>Does anyone know how many '91 5 Speeds there are here?  Out of how many Auto
>and 5 Speeds total?  Some one told me about 225 total and 25 were 5 speeds. 
>Is this true.
>TIA Shayne.


	I recall when shopping for my V8 about 2 years ago, someone on the list
reported V8 US sales figures year-by-year, both by year of sale and year of
model, from 89-95.  I recall very clearly there were 54 1991 V8s listed as
manual transmission models.

	I thought I saved this list, but I looked through my file and can't find
it, thus can't tell you who said it.  That number stuck in my head since I
owned one and was curious.  His other numbers seemed very credible, though
I can't recall them all (something like 6,000 '90 models, 3,500 '91 models,
then falling sharply off after that).

	That number seems about right given how few I have seen - though 79 might
be the number also.  Either way it's awfully small.

	Bryan Kamerer
	V8 5 spd.