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V8's how many 5 speeds, some basic v8 spec's et al....

There where 150 5 speeds manufactured for model year '91
with the 3.6l 240hp/250lbft engine.  This is the only
year 5 speeds where made for the USA.  Don't know about

There where just under 2000 V8's manufactured total for
model years 90-95.  

92 got the 4.2 276hp/296lbft engine and lower final gear ratio....

The 90 model year started manufacturing in mid '89....

There are just under 1500 of the 90 model year versions
out there.

92 got the 4.2 276hp/296lbft engine.

My V8 was manufactured in June of 90.

I use to have these exact numbers, but 3 jobs later and I 
no longer have my e-mail info... :-(

Mike LaRosa  (978) 442-1250
90 V8
89 100 Avant
76 Guzzi Convert (The Project....)