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Re: V8's how many 5 speeds, some basic v8 spec's et al....

In a message dated 98-06-05 16:15:35 EDT, you write:

<< There where 150 5 speeds manufactured for model year '91
 with the 3.6l 240hp/250lbft engine.  This is the only
 year 5 speeds where made for the USA.  Don't know about
 There where just under 2000 V8's manufactured total for
 model years 90-95.  
I don't know how this rumor started but the fiche shows that V8 with five
speeds started production in 6/90, making the car a late 1990 model.  I
personally saw a 1990 V8 in a junk yard with a prod date of 8/90.