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RE: Pilot Bushing here's another one.

I removed it with a rented slide hammer and it worked ok.  IT took a while but 
I eventually got it.

This is an excellent method.  I have used it before many times
and I posted it to the list several months ago.

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On Wed, 3 Jun 1998 21:45:01 EDT Dasisgoot@aol.com writes:
>> "Steven Buchholz" <k1drbar@worldnet.att.net>
>> Any ideas for a tool that might be able to help me
>> extricate myself from my current situation would be much 
>I have not had a chance to try this one out myself but can remember 
>reading a
>alternative to this in one of the auto magazines awhile ago. They're 
>finding a steel bar or shaft with an outside diameter very close to 
>the inside
>of the bushing which your trying to extract (possibly a discarded or 
>input shaft) You basically pack the cavity in the flywheel ahead of 
>the pilot
>bushing with heavy grease (wheel bearing) and hammering the the shaft 
>into the
>center of the the bushing force the it out hydraulically.(the 
>grease imparts equal force in all directions including 180 degrees to 
>angle of impact ie "front side"of the bushing.) Again this sounds good 
>theory, but at this point but its only a suggestion. All standard 
>                                         Good Luck!      

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