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FS: 87 Coupe GT

The car is  a 1987 Coupe GT, "Special Build".  It was made in the
latter part of 1987's build year so it has the larger 2.3 litre,  5
cylinder engine (130hp) and disc brakes all around.  The exterior is
Alpine White, which includes the rear decklid spoiler and exterior
mirror housings.  The alloy wheels are white as well.

The interior is a grey velour (with pinstripes).  The steering wheel, 
 shift knob/boot are leather.  The dash is digital (red 
digits) with a trip computer.  It has air-conditioning, dual power
mirrors with defog, cruise control, power door locks and power
windows.  It also has a sunroof (manual, tilt and detachable) and rear

As of today the car has 90,000 miles.  I am the second owner.  The
original owner bought the car in Wisconsin and promptly moved to
Florida.  He had kept meticulous care of the car, the oil changes were
taken care of at regular 3000 mile intervals and the timing belt was
changed at 60,000 miles.  Front and rear Boge struts were installed at
just over 50,000 miles.  When I purchased the car in 1997, I had the
air-conditioning fixed, and put new tires on it (Dunlops).  This was
around 70, 000 miles. The car passed the emissions  inspection in CT
without a problem.  I repaired the reverse light switch and hazard
light switch, and removed the tint on the side windows so it would
pass the safety inspection.  The tint on the rear window remains.

The car's body is in excellent shape.  It hasn't seen any winters
until this past year and the winter was so mild in CT that there was
virtually no salt on the roads.  

Known problems:

Cruise control does not work.  It was working when I first bought the
car, but quit shortly thereafter.  I seldom have need for cruise so
never bothered to have it repaired.  I suspect a broken switch. Also,
the brake pads were replaced at @ 60, 000 miles and apparently,
whoever did the work did not do the rotors when the pads were
replaced, so under light braking there is an occasional moaning sound.
 I've had it to my mechanic twice and he assured me that the
functionality of the brake is unaffected and the only downside is the
noise.  He estimated a $50 repair to get the rotors done.  I just
haven't bothered to get it done yet.  Finally, two of the dash lights
have burnt out.  I have already ordered the bulbs and should be able
to replace them before the car is sold.

On a personal note, I love this car and would never sell it if 
circumstances were different.  But it is simply too small for my needs
right now and so I'm in this predicament.  I'm asking $4000/obo. 
E-mail me back if you want any more info or to arrange a time to see