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RE: Audi vs. BMW

< "Yeah, but it sure doesn't drive and handle like a Quattro"

Similar thing happened to me over the holidays this past winter.

My girlfriend and I stopped to visit her aunt and uncle (both surgeons) in
PA on our trip from Ohio to D.C.  As we pulled up in front of their
house...we were in her Mitsu GSX...I noticed a black 740i and Toyota Land
Cruiser sitting in front of the garage.  Later in the evening as we were
preparing to head out to a restaurant for dinner, my girlfriend mentioned
to her uncle that I had noticed his WMB out front.  As we were standing in
the kitchen waiting for everyone else, he and I started chatting about the
features of the 740 and I asked "Does it have traction?"  He said "Yes, but
it really doesn't compare to four-wheel drive in inclement PA weather."
Hmm, I thought, that must be why they have the Land Cruiser.  I was just
about to bring up Audis, quattro, etc. when everyone else entered the
kitchen and we headed out the side door.  BUT instead of going outside, my
girlfriend's uncle opened the door that led to the garage......revealing a
pearl white '91 V8.....I couldn't help, but smile.

- Marc N.
'85 urq
'93 S4