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Re: Valentine 1

"Mike Miller" <JoMi@email.msn.com> wrote:

> >From: four.rings@MCIONE.com <four.rings@MCIONE.com>
> >If you want to slow down the car without the cop seeing your brake
> >lights, why don't you double-declutch and downshift two gears? Works
> >very well for me.

>1. How is the cop going to see brake lites if he is in front of you?
> He may see your nose come down, but hard to see in back of you unless 
> you are doing a U turn :-)

Reread the thread. 
The discussion pertains to the Valentine 1 detector in general and to
its sensing the cop from behind in particular, thus the said discussion
revolves around possible ways to fool the cop by temporarily disabling
the brake lights.

>2. Are you saying you "clutch" when upshifting and "declutch" when
>downshifting?  <g>

In order to avoid confusion among the folk who are new to the List
and/or who have not mastered the art of double clutching it has been
decided more than two years ago to distinguish between
"double-clutching" on the upshift and "double-declutching" on the
dounshift. The procedures are different hence the need for two
different names. E-mail me if you need explanations as to why and how to
do it.

> 4th to 2nd at 85 is not good for the tranny.

Evidently you have never experienced a brake line rupture at high speed.
I had, three times in my life. Got to live through all three incidents
because have bothered to develop in advance the skill of a very swift
If this ever happens to you, the cost of the tranny will be the last
thing that would come to your mind.

Besides, one of the vintage cars that I owned had a 3-speed straight cut
non-syncronised box and if you couldn't double-declutch, you won't be
able to downshift.

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ -- 18psi (TAP)
'98 A4TQ -- nothing to declare
Philadelphia, PA