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Hoppen Chips


  I have had both the TAP and Hoppen chips in my wifes 91 200 tq sedan.
Scott may have found the code to be the same but the did NOT behave the same. 

FYI we both ended up running the Hoppen stage 1 over the TAP which was over
boosting the car and we were getting fuel shut off.  I think that Ivor has
since resolved this problem.  I am presently working with Ned at IA on a
custom Motronix box for my avant.

It has been MY experience that Ned is a tuner he does all of the work
himself and has DIRECT firsthand knowledge of our cars.  Ivor is sort of
the same but his products that I have purchased are not refined and I have
had fittment problems (he how ever has been the only one to have these
Items)  Hoppen sells equipment from other tuners (MTM & Lehman) great stuff
if it works but a nightmare if it does not.

Any on who the extent and depths of my problems can give me a call at work
781.826.4499 or home ( on the week end ) 781.826.3233,  I love to talk car
and will give you alot of info that I have left out of the above post.