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Re: A/C Compressor...bench test

At 12:00 PM 6/7/98 EDT, you wrote:
>I'm about ready to replace the A/C compressor in my 89 200T with one I found
>at the junk yard.  Before I do, are there any tests I can do to check the
>clutch, motor, etc.?  It's the Nippendenso compressor. 
>I don't have a Bentley yet, so I don't know which wires to test, jump or
>otherwise fiddle with.  
>Experiences always appreciated!

There's only a single wire to the clutch (hot) and its grounded to the
case. That's really all you can do. Pay particular attention to the
manifold the bolts on the side (3 - allen heads, piece where the hoses go).
This is a seperate part which is a known leakage problem and unrebuildable.
It is also as expensive as a rebuilt Nippondenso - about $370.00 if my
memory serves me well... If there is dirt and oil along the seam, its
suspect - so inspect your old one as its valuable. The ND compressors are
rebuildable, this one being worth  some bucks as a core. Be advised that if
the one you got has been disharged for long may not cut it - the internal
seals don't last long when exposed to the elements.

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