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Re: can audis/vws take v.high mileage??

Ti wrote:
<< The VW/Audi I4 is every bit as robust as the Audi I5. >>

They certainly are!  The '82 VDub wabbit p-up has the 1.7L i-4, and after you
jumpstart it, it runs like a fairly new engine (86k miles of plowing snow).
Needs lotsa new stuff, tho (heater core, head gasket, battery, alternator,
clutch stuff, shifter bushings, shocks, etc.).  Being hit 5 times (while
parked) hasn't helped it either.  That thing is amazing.

-Eric Ferguson
'90 CQ 20v
'88 90
'87 5ksq
'87 5ks (4 sale)
'82 VW pick-up