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Speaking of Speedlines...

I haven't had a need for them in the past, but with this new rally car

	Does anyone have some 1990/91 Coupe Speedlines available for sale? As
deranged as it sounds, I am interested in some wheels that are not in
the best of condition, as they will get the crap beat out of them in the
	That's not to say I'm interested in severely damaged, bent,
out-of-round wheels, but wheels that are damaged merely cosmetically
(curb rubs, peeling clearcoat, etc...)
	I'm not on the mother list, so please email me directly at
elmool@20v.net if you can help.

* Ramana Lagemann							
* Cohasset, MA												     
* 1990 CoupeQ20V                  
* http://www.20v.net		       
* mailto:elmool@tiac.net            
* mailto:elmool@20v.net