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	Thanks to all of you who answered my "clunk on shifting" question and
suggested the differential bushings.  I replaced the rear diff side
bushings and the transmission bushings while I was at it (same
bushings).  The clunk is gone.  But I also purchased a new rear center
bushing (from GPR Parts - free plug), but have been unsuccessful in
getting the rear bushing out of the car in order to replace it.  I
shortened an 8mm (Craftsman 5/16" actually) allen wrench to about 20 mm
length and removed the cap screws holding the bushing housing to the
rear diff and removed the diff mounting bolt, only to discover I could
not get the blasted thing out from under the car.
	How is this accomplished?  Does the diff need to be dropped to do the
replacement?  I am concerned about alignment if I play with the
suspension.  It appears that if some metal were removed from the
vertical plates within which the bushing resides, enough clearance will
result to allow me to remove the housing without dropping the diff?  Any
BTDT's? Help!