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A4 1.8T Tranny

Please tell me if this has already been raised, I have not been a lister
for long.

My '97 A4 1.8t has the 5sp auto tranny, and aside from being a bit
sluggish at times, which I know has been raised, I have noticed on 2
occasions a rather disturbing problem.

Both times I had just turned into a parking lot (the same one) where I
came off a flat road and began going up a slight hill after the turn.
Both times, of course, I had let off the throttle before making the
turn, then gotten back on it slightly.  However, these two times, I
could just hear the engine rev, as if I had the clutch pressed in--but I
have an auto!  The tranny was clearly slipping.  Then, it jolted--both
times--and made quite a THUD.  Not what you want to hear from your 16k
mile car.

What I need to know is:  has anyone else had this problem?  If so, what
did the dealer/you do to get the problem fixed?  My service advisor is
not too knowledgeable about the A4, it seems, so I doubt it would get
communicated properly from me to him to the technicians.  Also, does
anyone know if I let this continue, could I be damaging my car?


'97 A4ta   11.1 lbs (TAP)  Eibach Springs, Borbet Type T wheels