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Re: Stock lights plus quads

> All this posting about quad lights got me interested in experimenting with
> the quad lights I have already, on an old 82 VW Jetta among my parts cars.
> Dot quads, rectangular, halogen. A1, A2.

> Front view, where "X's" represent stock lights, and A1 A2 represent the quads:
> When this feeble attempt at a diagram gets through all the software between
> my computer and yours, it should look like a head-on view of a car.
> XXXXXXX                    XXXXXXX
> XXXXXXX        OOOO        XXXXXXX
> _________________________________
>               license
>                plate
>     [A1][A2]           [A1][A2]
> So, whadaya think? Legal? Anybody tried it?

Legal lights?  Does anyone care about this any more?  Yeah, more than
two lights at a time is illegal in a lot of places I think.  Anyway, why
do you want to keep the stock lights?  Another thought, those A1/A2's so
low won't light up the road as well as in the stock location.  In front
of the bumper sounds cool, you'll be able to tell if you had an accident
because the world went dark...

Huw Powell