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important (to me) exhaust questions

Hey, I just got off the phone with Dan at Stebro, and asked him what the 
diameter of the Coupe GT exhaust system they have is.  He said it was 
about 2.25", and that was the best size to keep the velocity up and so 

I mentioned that I had a Schrick 272 cam and was going to be putting a 
bigger valve head on the car in the future, would that pipe flow enough 
for me.  He said perhaps it would be better to go 2.5".  I asked if they 
could do that, and he said yes, and for very little additional cost if I 
let them know in time for them to run it the next time they run the Coupe 
GT systems.

They are running a new batch of Coupe GT systems in three weeks.  If I let 
him know if two weeks, he can fit it in and let me know the cost.

I will be keeping my current rear section with the 2.5" Borla in addition 
to the middle piece from Stebro.

What is the collective list wisdom on this?  The cam is a Schrick 268/272, 
and the head will eventually (later this year or early next year) be from 
a 5000 quattro non-turbo.  The intake is 2mm larger than the original 
head, I'm not sure about the exhaust (anyone?).  I will also be running 
the 4ksq exhaust manifold.

Oops, I almost forgot, the Coupe only _may_ be running the Schrick, 
depending on whether or not I feel it is better used in the 5kt motor that 
is planned to be in the 4ksq.  If that choice is made, then the Coupe 
motor will have the stock turbo cam from the MC.

But, if I spend all this cash on the Coupe (exhaust and head), I'll 
probably end up going with the Schrick, and leaving the 4kstq with "just" 
a chip and WG spring.

So, what would you do?  Any experience with different pipe sizes?

I'm looking into the Stebro, because Meineke wanted like a hundred bucks 
to make a catback to rear muffler pipe, and that wouldn't be mandrel, 
wouldn't be stainless, and wouldn't add a muffler.

Please help me decide! :-)