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Re: 88 90q: What is this car worth?

At 09:52 AM 6/8/98 -0400, you wrote:
>    I'm needing to get rid of my '88 90q ASAP. The dealer that I'm
>purchasing the new car from
>is offering me a $1k for it. I'm not sure what it's worth. Any input
>would be most appreciated.
>The details.
>88 90q red 150Kmiles
>strong engine has had Mobil 1 since 88k
>transaxle and rear diff has had the correct Red line lubes
>the clutch is shot, But is still drive able.
>exhaust is weak.
>AC inop. Compressor ok?
>front struts soft.
>front CV joint is missing ABS teeth.(ABS inop)
>Wheels in Ok shape. needs tires
>paint is faded.
>no dents other than parking lot dings.
>needs timing belt
>side moldings are separating from door panels
>Computer works.
>sunroof works
>both seats heat.
>leather is in OK shape.
>Within the last year
>New battery, emergency brake cables, fuel pump,
>front and rear rotors, pads.  clutch master and slave cly
>brake master cly.
>BTW This car is in MetroWest Boston.(Acton)
>Barry Myers

Barry - my guess?  $2k to a private party, $1k is probably the most you'll
ever get on a trade in.  Add up the cost of the basics to make it a daily
driver (exhaust, timing belt, a/c, cv joint(s), clutch, tires) and you'll
run up a pretty good bill even doing most/all of it yourself.  I just sold
one similar to yours (same year, slightly less mileage), but with none of
your mechanical problems (except needing new tires) for $3400 (east coast;
prices vary a lot by region).

Just one data point for you.............SLM

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