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UrQ CIS Problems / Fix For Billsteins

At last posting I was getting a terrible clunk from the front end of my 1983 
UrQ, after having replaced every rubber bushing in the front end. After some 
investigation I determined that the Eibach springs were somewhat loose in 
their perches when the car was jacked up. The solution (not elegant) I put a 
short section of thin rubber tubing over the upper and lower coil ends to act 
as a damper. It worked. The spring doesn't move and the car is almost showroom 
solid over any and all surfaces. Now for the rear suspension.....

Problem: If I start the car cold it starts right away. If I let it idle it 
will do so happily for about 5 mins and then starts coughing and will die if 
not revved. If I just drive the car I never notice this phase. The same thing 
happens when the car is hot, but has sat for more than 15 mins. If the car has 
been off for between 0 and 15 mins it doesn't happen. I have new injectors and 
seals, new pressure regulator and a new cold start injector. All hoses are 
new. Car is tuned to a 50% duty cycle, new (2 yrs) O2 sensor. Any help is 
appreciated. When I get time I'll throw the pressure gauge on the fuel system 
as I think the control pressure regulator is fooling the car into thinking 
it's warmed up when it isn't yet.


Andrew Finney
1983 UrQ