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Re: cam upgrade for 85' 4ksq (long)

>From: "Ken Keith" <Ken.Keith@SpecialDevices.com>
>>Dylan Jenkins <dylan@vt.edu> wrote:
>> I recently purchased an '85 4ksq and immediately installed a sport cam
>> from Blaufergnugen! ($550).
>Who makes this sport cam?  Is it one of their own?  A regrind or a new 
>casting?  Do you know the numbers?  (268, 272, etc...)
>> A few - it turns out 6! lifters were dead or on the way out and I figured, 
>> well, while I'm in there.... 
>Mine were fine, but I replaced them all.  I didn't want to flatten the new 
>cam from beating on stuck lifters.  I was less concerned with having to 
>take it apart again.

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I just got off the horn w/ Jim
Blau (fergnugen!) and he gave me the following specs on their sport cam:
manufactured by European Div. of Krane Cams
new manufacture - not a regrind
estimate 12-15% hp gain kicking in around 3k rpm
(point of gain increase is also my experience, again, not sure about %hp
cost $550.00
They are developing a spec sheet for cam and other upgrades/mods, i.e.,
exhaust and throttle body.

As in my previous post to the list, and restating the obvious, the potential
gain from this or any cam mod won't be experienced unless fuel, exhaust, etc
are in proper sort. Blau also recommends that the throttle body be modified
by boring out secondary 0.006", and opening the primary sooner. Blau cost
~$250.00. I have not done this, but am considering.....

I am satisfied with the Blau cam, however, I kick myself for not doing the
basics prior to the cam upgrade so that I could get a good feel for what the
cam alone is doing for performance vs. cam + other upgrades; oh well, guess
I'll have to get another 4kqs to experiment on ;~)

Dylan Jenkins

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