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Re: ur-q uses ATF Dextron ??

   >Well, I believe that the actual spelling is Dexron ... but that is what
   >the sticker and owner's manual say to use for my '83 QTC ... and that's
   >all I've ever put in it!

   I stand corrected, Dexron is the correct spelling.
   My reservoir was practicaly empty.  I refilled it with ATF Dexron, but I
   went with semi-synthetic.  I hope I didn't screw up here.  I don't know what
   was in there before.   Got the car two months ago.

As a newbie, there's probably another little detail you don't know.

The "proper" way to fill the resevoir is first to pump the brakes
"40 or 50" times to discharge the "bomb" (pressure accumulator).
This will result in a lot of fluid being released back into the
resevoir! Then and only then do you "fill er up".

Since you probably didn't do this, you now have an overfilled
system (probably). Test -- pop off the resevoir cap, and pump the
brakes several times -- you should see the fluid level rising.
Stop pumping the brakes before you overflow the resevoir and
make a big mess! (The voice of experience, here!)

If you did overfill it, don't worry, it'll leak out on its own

The "normal" appearance of the resevoir is "empty" (highly mis-
leading!) since the fluid has been pumped into the bomb.

There's lotsa material in the archives on the hydraulic system,
and the bomb (http://www.tiac.net/users/rdh/http/Urq/aqbomb.gif)
in particular.