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Re: Cars that are advertised here...just mfo

In a message dated 6/9/98 Bruce Aukerman <Bruce@mannlawfirm.com> writes:

<< I'll make it clear up front---I personally like seeing the Q's that
are listed for sale here.  Never know when one will interest..... >>

Ditto...from private parties of course ;-)

<< But, it seems to me, that much of the reason for posting sweet
nothings to the list about some cars is that the seller hopes to get
more from the listers than he / she can get in real life away from the
list. >>

I think these "sweet nothings" are more often in an effort to sell to another
enthusiast who indeed does share a common appreceation of. When I sold my 4kq
to another lister it was $500.00 below asking price in "real life" partly
reduced because the sale was easier than it could have been otherwise and I
knew that the car was going to an enthusiast (never mind that it "ended up in
a guard rail" cuz I know it will be on the road again soon better than
ever...right Michael?). As far as "more than real life" one must consider that
if we as enthusiasts invest more time and $ into our cars than the "average
Joe", then a fellow enthusiast will see that as an added value that others in
the "real world" will not (and certainly not a dealer appraising a trade-in).
In other words we know the things to look for in general and knowing that
certain items are recently replaced/upgraded has some value to us and does not
to those who do not know.

I agree that there have been a few posts that stretched what the market will
bear, but most seem to be pretty realistic...you think it's too high? Press
"delete" or don't bother to look.

<< Now, I have no prob with people trying to maximize what they get from
their car. >>

As none of us should... 

<< But, why the flowery talk about how bad they want a lister
to buy the car?  IF you really want the machinery to go to someone who
will certainly treat it well [never mattered what the guy was going to
do to anything non-living that I sold, but, I digress] then wouldn't
it stand to reason that you would be willing to sacrifice money for
this good "feeling" shi*, as opposed to asking more than it is worth?? >>

I did this to a certain degree when I sold my car. Really what I did was up
front and honestly told said fellow-lister what my bottom price was so we
could cut to the chase if he liked the car. Some of us indeed do have some
emotional attachment to our cars (I know...sounds kinda silly but...) and
indeed do care somewhat where and who they go to. Like buying a car, selling
one can be an emotional thing as well...

<< Just an observation on a sunny day.... >>

Just a long-winded reply on another yuchy day in once sunny, now gloomy CA.

An aside, prices for used quattros seem to be all over the map based on
regional location, and even time of year in some areas. From what I have
noticed is the highest prices seem to be in the Pacific NW and SF Bay
area...what looks too high to you in the mid-west may well sound like a killer
deal to one of us in the higher price regions.

I also think that it may not be bad idea in the future to keep the for sale
posts brief and point to an ad on the q-list web page classifieds for more
detailed info--especially for these ads that seem to get posted more than

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq (bought for far less than "market value" in the "real world")